Space Technologies

About Us

Space Technologies is a group of highly skilled and committed digital advertising professional came together to learn and explore the latest technologies in online ecosystem to innovate and produce best possible output to our clients. Partnered with best demand sources and our programmatic technology ensure publishers to access highly paid demand to their inventory. We tirelessly upgrade our technology to keep up with the dynamic ecosystem of the digital ecosystem. Our direct inventory pool and programmatic technology made media buying much simpler and effective for advertisers. Long years of experience had brought together quality publishers, advertisers and technology partners to work with Space Technologies.

Starting from a website or App development we make the brand visible in google and social media and we use programmatic advertising to generating maximum online sales for the brand. In-between the brand journey we have developed CRM and use data analysis and data mining to retarget the customer and showing appropriate Ads. Having very good content is the key to digital advertising. Our creative team develop awesome creative for the brand , like banner, graphics, logo animation or shoot a corporate video , build concept, write content etc. Like this Space Technologies is a complete 360 degree digital platform for a Brand to flourish in online world. We love to hear from you, please write to us at for all the enquires.