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Corporate Video

Video Production & Advertising

Video advertising is one of the most important aspect of digital ecosystem. At present in the world of digital having high quality video of the products and services is an important factor for marketing. Shooting high quality creative corporate video and product videos with a creative message is our expertise.

Space Technologies Video Production Team create corporate video, documentary, promotional videos, product videos and products shoots with a creative touch. Space Technologies understand how an digital ecosystem, advertising and marketing works, so we not only do an amazing shoot but also do an output with creative message explaining the product or brand message to be used in various platforms to reach the target audience.

Video Shooting

We approach video shooting in very systematic manner . First is research stage where we do an intensive study about the company and the products to give a detailed presentation on the video production based on brand requirements. Once approved, our creative director  study the location to develop the script and then we do an complete beautiful coverage of the company and the products with a touching story line.

Our expertise:

Creative Direction


Creative photography

High end camera usage


Studio shoots

Green mat shoots


2D, 3D Animation

Music Direction

Trusted by big organizations

Space Technologies worked closely with many top companies to create cooperate video, documentary, video Ads, promo video and many more. Our motive is quality so we deliver high quality creative videos which express the brand message. Our post production is extremely technical , we use high quality camera, VFX studio and DI. Professional international artist gives voice over to our video and music direction and music studio which suits your mood of the business and the message.

We are dedicated, experienced and  creative to deliver amazing videos with best quality for your brand. Please reach out us at for all the queries.