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We are connected with top demand partners around the Globe, Video, Display and Mobile. Space Technologies provide a complete solution for a publisher to generate huge revenue by offering best price for the inventory available on your website.
Through RTB and Programmatic technology whenever any user visits your website or App in milliseconds we send bid requests to millions of Advertisers, Bidders and Networks through RTB. The highest paid Advertiser Ad which is most relevant to your user gets displayed on your inventory.
We make sure there is no inventory loss and generate potential revenue for your inventory. Our RTB and programmatic solutions allows selling your inventory in a Private market place at the price what you choose. For our Display, mobile, Videos and Apps our technology is set to deliver maximum demand showing most relevant Ads to each user visiting your website.

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  • Quality Advertisers
  • Good Fill Rate
  • Competitive price
  • 24/7 support
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Easy and timely payments

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