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Social Media Analytics

Social Media Listening 

We constantly revise social media communications based on your industry trends, potential influencers, competitors’ share-of-voice, voice of your consumers and most importantly your audience interests towards your brand and its offerings.  

Social Media Audit and Competitor Analysis 

We evaluate and optimize all you social media campaigns, perform an end to end analysis along with competitors to understand and fill the gaps to ensure that no opportunities are missed to improve overall social media performance. 

Social Media Strategy, Measurement and Optimization 

We analyze and measure the social media marketing efforts and provide valuable recommendation to help your brand and campaign increase brand awareness, create higher brand recall, generate leads and improve the overall social media performance. 

Social media analytics 

Of course, you know what social media is. But we are here to give an analytics across social media channels to make you understand where your business/campaign stands on social and help you tune it accordingly with fresh and innovative ideas. Also, to show where your brand stands compared to your competitors. 

What all platforms we cover on social media 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat 

Social media ads 

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Twitter Ads Manager
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Snapchat Analytics 

Okay, but how does it help your business? 

In today’s world social media is the best and the effective medium to bring awareness to your brand/campaign. It is also important to pitch the right content into the right space and audience to make it more effective and our expertise can guide you to bring in the best results based on your business objective. 

Below given are just a few of the basic steps/methods we follow to give you a robust report and yes we don’t stop here, we dig deeper to give you the best insights and recommendations to your brand/campaigns based on the analysis.

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